Monday, October 8, 2012

My quilt was displayed on Cipete Quilt Gathering 2012..... Yayyyyy.....!!!

Yesterday I was so happy when a friend of mine told me that my baby quilt was displayed at Cipete Quilt Gathering,Oct 7th 2012. It was thrilling because when I send the quilt to her 2 weeks ago, there's no promise that my quilt will be displayed on the event.
But yesterday she (I love her so much...) told me that my quilt was displayed together with other gorgeous quilt made with heart by woman who put a lot of love on their quilt.

This anual event is held by one of the communinty quilt in Jakarta.
I didn't attend the event, but my friend send me 1 picture from the event.
 It's not too clear picture but I'm really happy anyway.... :)
Here's the picture and also some of the baby quilt picture I took before I sent it to my friend.

This is my Pink Dino displayed among all the gorgeous quilt


Detail I sew on every corner of the quilt

A label I put on every quilt I made
The quilt was made with 100% cotton.
Hand stitch aplique.
Hand stitch quilting.
Machine binding, and then hidden stitch by hand.

I took the Dino theme from children's book story, "The dragon who couldn't breath fire" by Nicoletta Costa, publishedby Time Life Asia.
This story is about Being Different. I used to read the story to my son when he was little.
And we always have a big laugh to see the dragon whose breath out flower.. imagine that... hahaha...

Anyway... it's not an international event, my quilt is not a prefect quilt, maybe nobody even turn thay head to see my quilt.. and maybe they don't realize I'm exist, but I'm still happy that my quilt is displayed on this event... yayyyyy... I still pinching myself... :)
I don't care what people say, to me it's one big step forward...

Happy crafting, Friends...